Buying, or at least viewing paintings over the internet is obviously not ideal, paintings after all are not just images, they have a presence, a physicality. I do think however, one can get a pretty good idea of what one likes even in cyberspace. For this reason I am very happy to offer a money back guarantee to any purchaser. If a particular painting interests you feel free to check with me by email at and I will be happy to discuss it with you, let you know if it is still available, and what the shipping arrangements will be and expected arrival time.

If you would like to know when I might be exhibiting near you sign up for the ‘email list’ or send me an email.


My style lends itself perfectly for commissioned work. If you love my refined pointillism oil paintings and would love it even more if it was a painting of your own special view, place, or architecture, please contact me by email at with your ideas. We can then set a time to discuss how the process works and the terms. It starts with a special photo which is why the client satisfaction rate remains so high. At this point in time I only add a very nominal additional fee for custom work.