Artist Statement


I am continually absorbing the beautiful effects of light, pattern and atmosphere on the natural landscape.  In my work I seek to capture the beauty, harmony and energy of the world. My understanding of reality – as ever-expanding from an omniscient point of power existing within every atom – and within which everything exists – is expressed through my painting. My pointillist technique shows the illusory nature of the world as myriad points of energy.


When I am painting, I often explore the effects of light from my subjective memory, expressing what has impressed me at a feeling level. I start with a specific landscape and build a composition from editing elements I record in  photographs and videos I have taken. At some point, which is never predetermined, I allow my subconscious to dictate what to subtract from or add to the landscape and the palette is also determined in the same intuitive manner. Each point of color interacts and influences the others near it. They vibrate together and are integrated by the viewer’s own mind. The palette is always pulsing into a higher realm of color experience. I am more interested in the ephemeral nature of beauty and capturing the moment in which landscape can be experienced at a heightened level – the eternal now of the place, the paradise of possibility.


Sunrise is the most revealing, transformative time of day and the most inspirational to depict symbolically, capturing the most glorious experience of now, the moment of the inspired joy in the heart. Through my perception nature becomes conscious of itself in my moment of joy.


My technique is clearly related to the impressionist pointillists such as Georges Seurat and Henri Cross. In my hands it becomes more of a visual statement about the point within quantum physics and the relation between science and God. Points of color are like notes that come together to form a symphony.


Unity is a real key to what I am doing in my artwork, because it is the unity of the specks of color that create the mood within the composition. Every single color in the rainbow is needed to create my illusion of beauty.


Classical music captures something universal in the soul. In fact it may be that some of the best music may be what we hear in the higher realms. In the same way, my painting captures something universal that vibrates with the collective soul.


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