The internet has been a real boon to my “artist lifestyle” which includes me spending a lot of time in my studio, painting my pointillism landscapes and still lifes.  So where do I find like minded friends, who are also in their studios, painting?  And how do we stay connected?  Online!  I became part of an online community called The Abundant Artist which has grown to become an integral part of my life.  We critique each other’s websites, like we did recently for Joshua Lance, a contemporary impressionist painter currently living and painting in Taiwan!  We share marketing ideas like Jane Alex Mendelson who got over 1000 likes for her facebook fanpage and told us how she did it!  We are just plain supportive of each other and our aspirations.  Jaime Brannon Haney was one of the first artists in the group to make me feel like I belonged.  Many of the artists in the group are from far FAR away like Rosemarie Temple-Smith yet they seem like close neighbors!  My friends and family barely get it, but my artist friends totally understand and energize me to continue creating and reaching out to my fans!

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  1. Jaime Haney says:

    Wow, what a great feeling to know how we all shape each other’s lives 🙂 thank you Catherine for such a glowing introduction to your friends, fans and family! I feel the same way about all of you. What a wonderful thing it is to be an artist and even better to find people in our tribe! Looking forward to many years ahead of sharing ideas and friendship.

    xx Jaime

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